Skip Hop: An Activity Mat You Can Live With

mat1The trend in baby products has thankfully moved far beyond cartoon characters and babyish themes. The more grown-up baby gear looks, especially crib bedding, the better. There are a few items that have been overlooked during this process. One in particular is the activity mat. The majority of them seem to be really tacky with horrible bright colors and cheapo plush animals. My son had one with an orange and yellow, Ostrich-looking, plush bird that was downright creepy!

That’s why I really like this fun option from Skip Hop. It’s the Funky Farm Fun Activity Mat and although it’s quite colorful, it’s cute. The animal characters are quirky and sweet, while the mat itself has lots of great eye candy for baby. I love the plush, striped carrot with the bunny and the goofy pig that is actually just a circle with a snout.

Find it at BabyEarth for $60.

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