Don’t Get Too Relaxed Poolside

There are lots of great things about summertime and going to the pool is one of the best. If you have small children, you already know how important it is to keep your eyes on them at all times. Well, yesterday something scary happened at our pool and I wanted to take a minute to remind all parents about summer safety.

I was in the kiddy pool with my son and so was another dad with his daughters. A family was swimming with their two small children in the big pool. Their youngest climbed out of the big pool and ran towards the kiddy pool. The mom jumped out as fast as she could and ran to catch her little escape artist. He ran to the kiddy pool, stopped, and then stepped in. Well, he missed the step and fell into the water. And he sunk! I was actively watching and so was the other dad, but by the time the “danger” signal went off in our heads, this child had already been under water for many seconds.

I jumped up just as the little boy’s mom grabbed him and pulled him out. He was a bit choked up, but fine.  They sat next to the pool for a while and we all thought, “thank goodness!”

My point is this – I was watching, she was watching, the other dad was watching and two lifeguards were perched poolside. Accidents happen. Just because other people are nearby doesn’t mean your child is safe. While the pool is a place to chat with friends and relax, there are real dangers that can happen in the blink of an eye. Be alert and ready to act! Don’t take your eye off of your kiddos (especially toddlers & preschoolers) for a second.

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