Cozy Up with a Pop Tart and a Knit iPhone

I stumble across a bunch of odd things in my line of work. And no, I won’t define what that might be exactly. Anyway, I saw this old post from and thought it was awesome. If you’re a MommyQ reader, you know that knit things are among my fave to blog about.

Over at DaddyTypes in July 2007, as the iPhone was being hyped, a smart daddy recognized the need for something fun that could withstand some drool. Oh – I’m assuming you know how much babies like to chew on cell phones. To save the $800 device from baby lovin’ (and not the good kind), mommy knitted an iPhone.


The best part of this post is the pic below the knitted iPhone – the knitted Pop Tart cell phone cozy. This rocks! I want one! I’m such a huge fan of Pop Tarts (S’mores are the BEST!), so this strikes a place near & dear to my heart. You can read the full post here. Thanks for sharing the yarny goodness, DaddyTypes!


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