Rompers Aren’t Just for Babies


In my opinion, this is either a fashion trend you love or hate. I can’t see people being on the fence about it. Rompers. First, don’t envision a little bubble onesie for infants. No, no, no. I’m talking about the one-piece short or pant outfit for women. Rompers are like jumpsuits and I love me some jumpsuits. No matter how many times styles change and trends emerge, a black jumpsuit is a timeless classic. I’m not kidding. And you either really like ’em or you really despise ’em. No blurry lines.

If done correctly and worn with the right accessories and ‘tude, I think these are awesome. In fact, MommyQ has one and I’m just waiting for the right time to wear it.

Check out this stylish number from Diesel, the Jubent Black Romper. F-U-N! What about this sporty one by Nanette Lepore, Three Grace Jumpsuit? How about going silky in this one by Twenty8Twelve?

Lemme make a little fashion prediction here, expect to see lots of women rocking the romper this summer. And if you hate it now, have no fears – you’ll like it soon enough.

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