MommyQ Googles and Finds Others…Shocking, I Know

May I have your attention please. Will the real MommyQ please stand up? I repeat, will the real MommyQ please stand up? Yeah, not translating as well as I had hoped without a visual.

It’s a small world. We know that. And my blog name isn’t the most original in this big, complicated, goofy, odd and ultimately humid place. I was looking for some info and happened to Google myself and found there are more of me that aren’t actually me. Confusing, I know. Here are some helpful tips to consider to make sure you’re navigating the wild world of motherhood with the right gal.

– When I post to MommyQ, I post as admin. Not sure why, but that’s how this MommyQ rolls.

– MommyQ has a big animal print “Q” on my blog. If you don’t see it, you ain’t here.

– I don’t tend to abbreviate things. I have no idea what “LMAO” stands for and it doesn’t matter.

– I have nothing to do with a blogspot anything. The real MommyQ is a WordPress snob.

– I don’t get involved in political discussions, so any comments from a MommyQ in that context would not be this MommyQ. This one sitting here typing this word and this word and this one.

– This MommyQ is or has been on BlogHer, Shine, Twitter and Facebook. I do not do coupons – ever. I am not on Friendster. No clue what it is, but it sounds awful. Nothing with a “ster” ending can be good.

Bookmark this page and/or subscribe to my RSS feed to ensure you’re not reading the wrong Slim Shady. I would hate for you to enjoy sarcasm, tips and treats from the wrong mommy. Yikes!

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