Get Organized: Bath, Boon & Bubbles

The time you spend with your children while they’re splishing & splashing in the tub is always amusing. For some reason, when you strip away clothes, mobility, distractions and rules, fun is the name of the game.  Bath time brings out the wackiness in my kids. The only downside is keeping all of the toys and bath products organized. There’s nothing more annoying than cute bath toys soaking in their own filth. Ewwwww!


Boon, one of my most favorite baby product brands, captured parents’ attention with Kermit’s best pal, Frog Pod. This handy froggy friend is also a scooper, so you can easily move toys from the tub to the pod. Then the pod sticks to the wall for storage. Last year Frog Pod gained a new pod pal, LadyBug Pod.  Now there is another neoprene option from Skip Hop, the Tubby Bath Toy Organizer. I haven’t seen this one in person, but it is BPA-free and claims to store lots of toys with ease. I’m guessing it’s pretty popular because it is sold out at BabyEarth right now. (You can click the ‘Notify Me’ button to know when it will be back in stock.)


If you want to make the most out of bath time, you can always add some bubbles. And if you use California Baby Bubble Baths, you can rest easy knowing they are extremely safe. Give the sampler tote a try to see all of California Baby’s unique options like Overtired & Cranky, Colds & Flu, I Love You and more! Makes a great birthday present too.

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