Buy Dresses Celebs Designed Because I Know You Want To

Women are buzzing over the new Jubilee Collection from designer Lilly Pulitzer. In honor of the company’s 50th Anniversary, they teamed up with nine American celebs (and moms) to create a line of clothes for both mommy and daughter.  The end-result? Preppy at play. In other words, normal-looking clothes.


The outspoken Elizabeth Hasselbeck came up with this Tunic Dress. Not to be mean, but isn’t this something you learn how to make in Sewing 101? Is a caftan neckline really that remarkable? I don’t know. It looks opinionated and slightly annoying for $298.

harmonAngie Harmon designed this little Shift Dress and I give it two thumbs up. It’s simple, fresh and youthful. I love the mod square appliques mixed with the scroll print.  The back of the dress is really pretty too. Yours for $328.

paltrowLook at this bikini and tell me what you see. What? Did you say nothing special? If so, I couldn’t agree more. So Gwyneth Paltrow designed this Patchwork Bikini. I’m not really sure how one would go about designing a really cool bathing suit, but this just seems so plain. Swim like Gwyneth  for $178.

messingA $428  ZigZag Maxi Dress. In some way it totally screams “Grace” er… I mean, Debra Messing. In other ways, it  looks a bit sad. It’s not really in the Lilly Pulitzer way, but MommyQ was hoping for Bat Mitzvah ruffles and a big wacky collar.

I know the term “design” is used rather loosely here. I’m not envisioning an episode of Project Runway where Debra and Gwyneth are running around with scissors, yelling about finishing hemlines and creases. I’m sure they just gave some input here and there. All kidding aside – the best part about this collection is it benefits a great cause, the EB Medical Research Foundation.

If you’re dying to see the rest of the Jubilee Collection, you can click here.  If you buy a regular-priced piece from this collection, you can get a FREE Lilly Pulitzer Signature Bag. Check out Neiman Marcus for details.

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