Potty Training at the Bowling Alley & Beyond

Prior to becoming a parent you might not like using public restrooms. They’re usually pretty darn gross. But most of us have braved some really horrible bathroom situations at one time or another – at frat parties or clubs – because you just can’t “hold it” forever. And we’ve survived.  As soon as you start potty training your child though, the horror of public restrooms takes on a whole new meaning.

Last night I was bowling with some friends who are also moms. They are in the throws of potty training too. We were at a rather swank bowling alley, yet we all agreed at how much we dislike taking our babies to the facilities. What to do, what to do. It’s not the just the toilet, mind you. It’s all of the surfaces that exist in a bathroom. Doorknobs, broken locks, the button on the obnoxiously loud hand dyer, etc. If you’re a germaphobe like me, the whole notion is quite overwhelming.

This is precisely why I’m mentioning these items. Here are some portable products to help you avoid those potentially dangerous minute microbes. Nastiness, be gone!cleanwell

The most important starting point is using CleanWell hand sanitizers. This is the ONLY all-natural alcohol-free hand sanitizer on the market. CleanWell is made with Ingenium, a patented formula of plant oils proven to kill 99.99% of germs that can make you sick.

The next item is called the Potty Topper and what makes it cool is it actually adheres to the lid. That way, your little one won’t slide off or move the topper – defeating the whole purpose. It’s also made extra-big so little hands will never have to touch the potty! Learn more about the Potty Topper.

More items:

– The Cushie Traveler Folding Potty Seat is very popular and retails for $10.

– The Clean & Green Disposable Changing Table Covers are soft, waterproof and eco-friendly.

– The Clean & Green Potty Protectors come in a 10 pack for $4.95.

– The Clean & Green Degradable Diaper Sacks. Tidy up any mess with these sanitary green baggies.

Check out the line of Classy Kid products (they’re environmentally degradable too) at BabyEarth.

One thought on “Potty Training at the Bowling Alley & Beyond

  1. jennc133 says:

    I’m always freaked when I have to take my DD (5YO yesterday!) into a public restroom , potty training was tough enough; #2 was easy, #1 took a year! Now she’s got it down and I don’t want my germophobia handed down to her so I silently cringe while she climbs aboard holding onto the seat for balance…yikes, there’s not enough santitzer, soap and water in the world that will help me through this YUCK!… please let her grow tall, soon…LOL

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