Valentine’s Day Isn’t Quite the Same, But Still Just as Sweet

It’s funny how things change when you become a parent. Before we had kids, my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day to the fullest. We were Hallmark’s dream. A special lunch together that day, dinner that night and lots of extravagant gifts along the way. We always tried to outdo each other -who could come up with the most thoughtful, unique and personal gift. You know, really tug at those heart strings. Ah, those were the days.

Today we celebrated Valentine’s Day a bit differently. Like in a huge room of screaming kids with enormous colorful inflatable slides that practically touch the ceiling. Babies bouncing off of big kids, toddlers jumping wildly to the point of exhaustion, boys and girls bludgeoning each other with big foamy blocks….total chaos. Had someone from the future told me how I’d be spending Valentine’s Day now, I would’ve laughed. (And asked how I would look in my 30s!)

Anyway, the holidays aren’t really about us anymore. They’re about our children. And spending a few hours at the coolest bouncy house in town was exactly where we needed to be. Laughter, smiles, squeals of excitement, happiness and a few impromptu hugs between siblings made for a special day.

Tomorrow Mr.Q and I will celebrate Valentine’s Day minus the crowds and the kids. We’ve agreed not to go overboard with gifts this year and I’m proud of us for being so darn mature. Maybe we’re finally turning into the responsible adults we’ve always aspired to be. Then again….maybe not! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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