Strolling with a Dynamic Duo in Italian Style

Double strollers have come a long way as far as features and maneuverability. From the simple to the extravagant, they come in all shapes and sizes. Did I already mention extravagant? Leave it to Peg Perego to create the ultimate buggy for your double dose of fun.

The Duette SW is fully equipped with a steering wheel for maximum control, individual stroller seats with hoods and leg covers for each child, centrally controlled brakes, large storage baskets and more. Not to mention the beautiful Italian upholstery that can be removed for cleaning.

You can also attach car seats to the chassis so you can transport infants with ease. The list of features goes on an on. And so does the pricetag – $970. Then again, single strollers like the Orbit, Bugaboo and Stokke cost around the same so maybe it’s a good deal after all. It also comes in a triplette version. Nothing for octuplets…yet…

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