Angelina v. Jennifer: Part 421

Oh, the feud between “frenemies” Angelina and Jennifer continues thanks to cameras at the Oscars. While Jenn was trying to be funny on stage with Jack Black, they panned to Angelina who laughed at all of her jokes. And of course she did. What were they expecting to capture? Angelina glaring at her or possible pretending to gag herself?  Come on, people. Angelina is an ACTRESS – she was obviously ACTING for the camera. Or maybe she was smiling for real. After all, Brad is hers now. I’d be smiling too.

Jenn and Angelina were seated just rows apart. Who plans that, by the way? I was wondering what Jenn would’ve done had Brad won the Oscar. My money is on lots of tears. There is no way she wouldn’t have broken down over that little victory for the ex. Let’s face it, she may loathe Angelina, but I’m sure she still has a soft spot in her heart for Brad.

angelinaWhat cracks me up is the so-called fashion experts have declared Jennifer’s metallic gown to be more smashing that Angelina’s black dress. (Hmmm, did Jenn’s face full of fillers also outshine Angelina’s fresh face?)

I’m not sure what’s wrong with an elegant black dress. And I just love the bright green jewelry. Trust me, you’ll be seeing lots of it now.  Black with green accessories is the new black with silver accessories. I guess it’s just me who doesn’t get how Angelina’s outfit was drab. I mean, she is the gal who plays with knives. What were people expecting. Fuchsia? Aqua? Ruffles?

I’ve written about this dynamic duo before and practically received death threats for siding with Angelina. I’m just not a fan of Jenn Although I did sport the “Rachel” hair style for a number of years and that was fun. Anway, my vote is for Angelina. I like style that suits the person, not a person trying to suit a style. Sorry, Jenn. You lose again.

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