Things You Don’t Wanna See Going 80 MPH

MommyQ has a rather long daily commute. I take several different highways so I’m usually going pretty fast most of the time, as opposed to be stuck in stop & go traffic. Well, over the past few months I’ve observed some seriously peculiar (and alarming) events that have nothing to do with drivers texting or talking on their cell phones. Here’s my list of the Top 3 Things You Don’t Wanna See Going 80 MPH.

#1 – The driver beside you is taking swigs from a bottle of wine.

True story! I was driving home from work at 6:45 p.m. and happened to glance at the guy driving beside me. He took a swig from an incredibly large bottle. Today beverages do come in huge bottles, but this one was way too big and the bottle had a long skinny neck. Then it hit me – it’s a WINE bottle!!! I glanced at him again and sure enough, it was a very recognizable wine label featuring a kangeroo. Some people like to sip their Yellow Tail wine out of a fancy glass at dinner, while others prefer to swig it right out of the bottle doing 80 mph. Way to exercise your freedom of choice, dude.

#2 – The driver beside you is going 20 mph.

Another true story. I’m driving home and notice lots of cars swerving over to the RIGHT lane to go around someone.  I get there and could not believe the person was going about 20 mph in the left lane! The speed limit is 65mph. In this instance it’s just impossible not to gawk as you drive by. Is the driver missing a head? Will I see a headless driver? Has he been injured? Will I see a knife coming out of his chest? Is he dead? Is he an alien? Is a dog actually driving this car? Maybe a small child is at the wheel? Nope. It was just a guy who seemed perfectly fine cruising along at 20 mph in a 1991 Honda Civic, totally oblivious.

#3 – A cow standing in the middle of the road.

Yep. Mooooo! A poor huge cow escaped his herd and was hanging out in the right lane on the interstate. I have no idea how he got over the guardrail. Trust me, I thought I was halucinating. And no, I wasn’t drinking out of my bottle of wine at the time. I felt so sorry for him and still wonder what may have happened to him. Can you imagine hitting a cow? Two words come to mind – big mess. I did call the non-emergency police as usual, so hopefully they were able to herd him or do whatever it is you do with cows on the highway… corral, round-up, shepherd?

In last place as something I wouldn’t want to see going 80mph is this big green bug. I saw a funny post on Kirtsy yesterday about this enormous wacky bug that WOULD NOT let go of the windshield. This bug would’ve scared me to death, unlike the other very normal things I’ve witnessed on the road.

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