The Learning Tower is Mommy’s REAL Little Helper

As a child, I remember baking cookies with my mom. Why? It was the only time we had permission to stand on the chairs! We were too little to reach the sink and the counter. It was fun, but one of us usually took an accidental step off the chair, falling to the ground – and worse – spilling something messy. It kinda ruined the moment.

A few weeks ago the Rachel Ray show did a segment about Chef Guy Fieri’s kitchen, which lead to the mention of The Learning Tower. If you haven’t seen this clever step stool yet, check it out!

Whether your little “do it myself” one needs an extra step to wash hands or wants to help you bake a tasty batch of brownies, this tower is the perfect solution. And it can easily hold two children.

I love it because it fits flush against the counter and it has railings on all four sides to prevent falls. It also converts into other fun things like an art easel, playhouse or puppet house.

And best of all, because moms care, those bright pretty paint finishes are all lead-free. Blue, cherry, red, white, pink, green and so on.

If you’re looking for a special gift for the special youngsters in your life, The Learning Tower is a great idea. Retails for $185 at BabyEarth.

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