Sippy Cup Schmippy Cup

Over the years I’ve purchased a zillion sippy cups. Popular ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, eco-friendly ones, throw-away ones, blue ones, green ones, insulated ones, little ones, big ones, cute ones, boring ones and the list goes on and on.

In the beginning they all work fine. Then one magical day – poof! – they leak constantly. It’s like they simply self-destruct. I stopped washing them in the dishwasher thinking that would help. Nope. To my dismay the one I’m currently using started leaking. And no, I’m not pouring carbonated drinks into them.

Moms, help me solve this sippy cup dilemma once and for all. What’s THE BEST one on the market? Do tell! I’ll be living in sippy cup land for another year, at least. If I encounter one more malfunctioning little goblet, my head just might explode.

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