Green Baby Shower Springs to Life

Green baby showers have quickly become the “hip” thing to do in 2008. Afraid you’ll miss the cute gift wrap, frilly ribbons and coordinating paper plates? Don’t worry, you’ll be wowed at just how cute a green shower can be.

A green baby shower is just as much fun as a traditional shower, it just has a sprinkle of eco-friendliness. The centerpiece can be a cake made with cloth diapers, decorated with fresh flowers. The party favors can be glass baby bottles with organic ingredients like popcorn, M&Ms or Cheerios. Instead of a guestbook, everyone can sign an organic baby t-shirt as a keepsake. Ditch the paper plates and wrapping paper to keep stuff out of landfills. It make take a little bit more creativity, but the benefits are worth it. Enjoy the photos!

Cloth diaper cake

Glass bottle favors

Signed baby shirt

2 thoughts on “Green Baby Shower Springs to Life

  1. I love the idea of putting fresh flowers on a diaper cake. How creative! I’ve always wanted to try a “go green” baby shower, but I couldn’t find too many ideas for decorations and food. You have some really good ideas here.

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